SPPARK 2017 (May 23-June 9)

Legal Issues in Higher Education

The course will focus on Legal Issues in Higher Education.  Students will be introduced to the following subject areas: due process, labor and employment law, contracts, criminal procedure, regulation of sports, search and seizure, the regulation of speech, fundraising, ethics and professional responsibility, vital statistics, equal protection. 

Research Packet

Cases Where the Regulation was Upheld

Example Paper Organization

Lowery v. Euverard

Pinard v. Clatskanie

Word Document with Most Relevant Parts Taken

Tuesday May 23

9:00 -11:00     Stacy Leeds: Introduction to American Legal Systems; Equal Protection and College Admissions


Grutter v. Bollinger (click on case names to open files)

Fisher v. University of Texas

11:00 – 12:00     Jordan Woods: Equal Protection cont. LGBTQ Legal Issues


Obergefell v. Hodges 

Wednesday May 24

9:00-11:00     Stacy Leeds: First Amendment and Public Institutions


Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District

11:45-1:00     Steve Gahagans: Due Process, Search and Seizure; Campus Gun Laws


Friday, May 26

9:00 - 11:00     Stacy Leeds: Regulating Speech

11:00 – 12:00   Howard Brill: Recent Arkansas Supreme Court Cases; Birth Certificates, Lethal Injection

Readings:        Pavan v. Smith

Saturday, May 27

10:00-12:00     Stacy Leeds: Introduction of Moot Court Problem with Demonstration


Tuesday May 30

11:00-12:00      Matt McCoy: Higher Ed Law Overview: Governance, Employment, Athletic Compliance, Contracts

2:15-3:00         Steve Clowney and Cynthia Nance: Law Professors' Perspective


Wednesday May 31

9:00 -11:00        Danielle Wood:           EEOC and Employment Discrimination

10:00-11:00        Dave Gearhart: Funding the Flagship


Private Fundraising For Higher Ed Article

Short Article on Reliance on Private Funds

Funding Down, Tuition Up

Immigration Law Reading 


11:00-12:00         Jeremiah Wax             Immigration Law


Thursday June 1

9:00 -9:50          Jason Hatfield: Perspectives of a Sole Practitioner: Tort Cases


Claimant's Barron Brief

Respondent's Barron Brief

10:00-11:00          Daniel Feild: The Right to Counsel and Due Process

Right to Counsel and Due Process Reading

11:00-12:00          Tyler Farrar:  Interactive Case Study, Title IX


Case Study

Friday June 2

11:30-1:00    Matt Durrett: Prosecuting Felony Cases


Monday Jun 5

9:00:-10:30   Moot Court Practice Rounds

Petitioners/Appellants: 9:00-9:45

Respondents/Appellees: 9:45-10:30

10:30-12:00    Kit Williams & Blake Pennington: Town & Gown: Representing the City; Prosecuting Misdemeanor


Tuesday Jun 6

9:00-11:00  Leeds Office Hours


Wednesday Jun 7

9:00-5:00         Oral Argument Rounds