Legal Issues: Indigenous Food & Agriculture, Spring 2019

LAWW 762V. Legal Issues: Indigenous Food & Agriculture. 1 Hour.
This course examines the complex interaction of tribal law, treaties, and federal agricultural and food laws, including property law applicable to tribal lands. 

Course Syllabus

Unit One: Federal Indian Law 101 and Indian Country Land Tenure

Tuesday, February 5: Stacy Leeds lecture, required reading Royster, Legacy of Allotment (law review article)

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Unit 2:             Contemporary Health Issues and Food Production in Indian Country 

Tuesday, February 12: Erin Parker lecture.

Required reading:

Other Materials to Browse and Scan:

Unit 3:             Statutory and Regulatory Authority 

The Tuesday, February 19 class with Stacy Leeds will be rescheduled to a later date. Required reading Shoemaker article.

Unit 4:             Land Use in Indian Country and Agriculture Resource Management Plans

Tuesday, February 26: Colby Duren

Unit 5:             Business Entity Formation in Indigenous Food and Agriculture

Unit 6:             Access to Credit/Financing: The Legacy of Keepseagle v. Vilsack

Unit 7:             The 2018 Farm Bill and the Future of Indigenous Food and Agriculture Policy

Unit 8:             Intertribal and International Trade

Unit 9:             Case Study: Modern Tribal Governance

* Order may change based on guest speaker(s) availability