Books and Book Chapters

Mastering American Indian Law (EagleWoman & Leeds, 2nd ed. forthcoming for Fall 2019 adoption) 

Mastering American Indian Law (EagleWoman & Leeds 2013)

Women and the Law Stories (Schneider & Wildman ed. 2011)(Chapter 13:  A Tribal Court Domestic Violence Case: The Story of an Unknown Victim, an Unreported Decision, and an All Too Common Injustice)

Treaties with American Indians: An Encyclopedia of Rights, Conflicts and Sovereignty (Fixico ed. 2007)(contributing author, treaties essay)

Encyclopedia of United States Indian Policy and Law (Finkelman and Garrison ed. 2005)(editorial advisory board and contributing author)

Felix S. Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law (Newton 3rd ed. 2005)(contributing author, property law sections)

A Political History of Native Americans (Grinde ed. 2003)(contributing author, tribal land essay)

MAJOR Reports

Report of the Commission on Indian Trust Administration and Reform to the United States Department of Interior (submitted to the Secretary of Interior December 10, 2013)(commissioner and co-author)


Beyond an Emergency Declaration: Tribal Governments and the Opioid Crisis67 Kan. L. Rev. 1013 (2019)

Whose Sovereignty?  Tribal Citizenship, Federal Indian Law, and Globalization2014 Arizona State L. Journal 89 (2014)(with Erin Shirl)

Coming Full Circle:  A Tribute to Professor Jim Jones, 2013 Wisconsin Law Review 733 (2013)

Resistance, Resilience, and Reconciliation:  Reflections on Native American Women and the Law (34 Thomas Jefferson L. Rev. 303 (2012))(with Elizabeth Mashie Gunsaulis)

Reassessing Concurrent Tribal-State-Federal Criminal Jurisdiction in Kansas (59 Kansas Law Review 949 (2011))(with John Francis, Aliza Organick and Jelani Jefferson Exum)

Defeat or Mixed Blessing: Tribal Sovereignty and the State of Sequoyah (Tulsa Law Review 2007)

Moving Toward Exclusive Tribal Autonomy Over Lands and Natural Resources (Natural Resources Journal 2006)

By Eminent Domain or Some Other Name: A Tribal Perspective on Taking Land (Tulsa Law Review 2005)

Tribal Court Stature and the Protection of Indian Women (American Bar Association Perspectives, Spring 2005) 

Borrowing from Blackacre: Expanding Tribal Land Bases Through the Creation of Future Interests and Joint Tenancies (North Dakota Law Review, 2004)

The More Things Stay the Same: Waiting on Indian Law's Brown v. Board of Education (Tulsa Law Review 2002)

The Burning of Blackacre: A Step Toward Reclaiming Tribal Property Law (Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy 2001)

Cross-Jurisdictional Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments: A Tribal Court Perspective (North Dakota Law Review 2000)

Southern Ute Indian Tribe v. Amoco Production Company: Judicial Construction of Coalbed Methane Gas Ownership (Energy Law Journal 1996)